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Best Cordless Chainsaw to Buy in 2020

best cordless chainsaw
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Chainsaws are available in various lengths and types, and depending on certain requirements, they are designed accordingly. One of the available types is the battery-powered, or more commonly known as the cordless chainsaw. Cordless chainsaws offer several benefits to the owner. Firstly, battery-powered chainsaws are soundless; due to no internal combustion engine rattling even when idling, these chainsaws produce no noise until you flick the trigger.

Secondly, they emit no pollution since there is no need for gasoline, which is healthier not just for the environment but for the operator as well. Thirdly, they save you from a significant maintenance cost since you only have a few parts to change and just the batteries to swap.

Well, these were a few of the benefits that cordless chainsaws have to offer. Now, I will be listing the best cordless chainsaws that are currently for sale in the market, along with their perks and features. Make sure you give them all a good look before jumping to buying one!

1. Makita XCU02PT 18V X2


Makita is a Japanese tool manufacturer known for making robust and durable power tools. The Makita XCU02PT 18V X2 offers a tremendous and enduring runtime thanks to its dual 18V batteries.  A dual-port charger is included in the kit which charges both batteries synchronously and with fast charging, you get less downtime and more cutting. With this bad boy, you get over two hours of runtime (when you purchase the 4-battery kit), with a charging duration of just 20 minutes. Simply swap the drained batteries with the fresh ones to resume your cutting work. The charger also has a cooling fan to dissipate heat while charging and a USB-port for charging portable electronics.


There is reduced maintenance and noise level on this chainsaw (89 dbA) while providing great speed, up to 1650 FPM, for smoother and faster cuts. The tool-free chain tensioner is standard on this one along with a 12” guide bar, for efficient operation on thicker timber. Weighing in at 12.3 pounds, it does, however, is far heavier than the B&D LCS1020. It comes with a remarkable 3-year limited warranty on the charger, tool, and batteries.

2. Black and Decker LCS1020


Black and decker provide the mini best cordless chainsaw with the LCS1020; offering a 20V Max lithium battery for prolonged use and extended battery life, up to five times. This provides a decent 45-30 minutes of runtime, which is enough for usual yard jobs, such as pruning and limb cutting, but it needs about two hours to recharge the batteries, which may seem too long to some folk. Alternatively, you can get some extra batteries if you have more than an hour’s job.


 The LCS1020 comes with a premium quality Oregon low kickback bar and chain, a tool-free blade tensioner for quick adjustments, and a wrap-around handle for superior grip and maneuverability in tight spots. The lubrication system for the 10” bar and chain is a manual one, located right beside the handle, with a glass window to monitor the oil level. It’s lightweight with just 7.2 pounds that vastly improves user control and reduces fatigue. With great customer satisfaction, this chainsaw has gained a top-rated reputation for delivering the best functionality in the cordless category.  Altogether, it’s sturdy, easy to use this product, with a great design and adequate power.  Supplied with a 2-year warranty

3. Black and Decker LCS1240


The B&D LCS1240 packs a huge 40V battery ensuring enhanced runtime, hence, longer battery life than competing models. The oiling system for the bar and chain is automatic, you just have to fill in the oil and leave the rest to it. Even if your use is very limited, the battery on this beauty will stay charged up to 18 months! The charging time, however, is about 4-5 hours for a completely depleted battery. In comparison, the Makita XCU02PT offers a charge time of only 45 minutes for 2 pairs of batteries


This model offers the same bar length of 12” as the Makita XCU02PT along with the tool-less chain tensioner. With a comfortable wrap-around handle and a balanced weight of 8.4 pounds, this mini chainsaw serves among one of the best cordless chainsaws for light and medium yard work. Black and decker warranties this product for a limited duration of 3-years.

 4. Dewalt DCCS690M1


With a massive 40V MAX Lithium-Ion battery, the DEWALT DCCS690M1 delivers gas-powered performance but with the ease of a cordless one. You can easily handle a range of cutting diameters with the 16” low kickback Oregan bar and chain and a powerful brushless motor, so you get substantial cutting power along with the durability of battery-fueled equipment. The battery is enough to last a generous hour of heavy cutting and just takes over an hour to recharge.


The bar and chain are lubricated via an auto-oiling system using LubriWell and LubriLink which add to user convenience by increasing chain life, decreasing maintenance, and providing uninterrupted operation. The lubrication oil can be easily and quickly added to the oiling system through the quarter-turn oil-filling cap. For tightening the chain and adjusting the guide bar, this chainsaw has been fitted with a tool-less chain tensioner. And you can regulate the speed of this chainsaw comfortably with the variable speed trigger. Since it has a 16” bar, you can cut medium-sized timber and chop down firewood effortlessly. The Dewalt DCCS690M1 weighs approximately 17 pounds, which may be heavy for some folk, but on the contrary, it is made to handle medium-sized cutting jobs. Dewalt offers a 3-year limited warranty, a 1-year free service, and a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.         

5. Greenworks Pro GCS80420


For the ultimate cordless wood cutting, Greenworks Pro GCS80420 is equipped with a large 18” bar and chain and an enormous 80V battery to survive almost an hour of heavy-duty work, with just half an hour of charging time. Greenworks guarantees up to 150 4’x4’ cuts with a fully charged battery and a power rating equivalent of a 45cc gas-powered chainsaw.


This a soundless demon for tackling tough cutting jobs without any hassle. This chainsaw has been designed for areas of work that require heavy cutting but with the convenience of being battery-powered. This sturdy chainsaw comes with a variety of features. One of the unique features is the Bucking Spikes. These are tough metal spikes that allow a more precise cut by digging a slit in the wood. Moreover, it also prevents unwanted kickback by securing the chainsaw firmly on to the wood. The 10-pound lightweight housing of this chainsaw is built from hard plastic and metal for optimum maneuverability and ruggedness. With a standard automatic oiler and tool-less tensioning system, Greenworks Pro GCS80420 offers one the best cordless chainsaw for medium use. It comes with a whopping 4-year limited tool warranty.

6. Zombi ZCS5814


The Zombi ZCS5814 is a major powerhouse equipped with a huge 58-Volt 4Ah battery and a 16” low kickback Oregon bar and chain. Due to the massive battery this model carries, it adds to the overall weight of saw, pushing it to 16 pounds which is way heavier than competing models, but on the other hand, it does offer a longer runtime.


With a brushless motor, this cordless chainsaw packs brutal wood cutting power combined with an ample juice backup to keep it running for long. This is an absolute wood-munching monster. The timber of small to medium thicknesses is dealt with effortlessly with the 16” bar, providing fast and smooth cuts every time. With no idling, this saw jumps to life as soon as you flick the trigger, allowing instant torque at your fingertips. The oiling system on this cordless is a fully automatic one, with adds to uninterrupted operation and user ease. For operator safety, the Zombi ZCS5814 has been fitted with a chain brake to prevent unwanted kickback. Zombi offers a staggering 5-year tool warranty and 2-year battery warranty on this model.  


If you’re looking for a premium model, one that provides a long runtime for the wood of light thickness, then you’re better off with the Makita XCU02PT 18V X2, which is a fine tool. On the other hand, the Black and Decker LCS1020 offers a fairly simple, reliable chainsaw for light cutting requirements at your yard. It provides a runtime of 45 minutes, which is enough for basic cutting needs. Its upgraded LCS1240 just carries a longer bar and doubled juice.

For medium work, the best tool would be the Greenworks Pro GCS80420. Fitted with an 18” bar and an 80V heavy-duty battery, this beast is capable of knocking down trees for straight 60 minutes. However, if you’re low on budget, then I would suggest you check out the Dewalt DCCS690M1 and the Zombi ZCS5814; they both have a decent 16” bar and an ample battery pack, besides being affordable. Cheers!

Well, here we are with some of the top-rated, highly recommended best cordless chainsaws available on sale now. You can see that even though these all are battery-powered, they still vary in bar length, weight, power, and runtime. Which means you can filter out the perfect one for you depending on your requirements.