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best battery powered chainsaw
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If you are looking for one of the best cordless Chainsaws, then this article will provide you with all the information needed to buy one. There are three primary types of the chainsaw, each with their perks and shortcomings; Cordless Electric Chainsaw, Corded Electric Chainsaw, Gas-powered Chainsaw. In this article, we will provide you with the best battery powered chainsaw.

What is a Chainsaw?

The Chainsaw is considered to be a small, mechanical saw, which cuts along a guide bar with a set of teeth connected to a revolving chain. It is used in activities such as tree felling, limbing, pruning, etc. Chainsaws with specifically made bar and chain combinations are often used for slicing concrete throughout construction.


 If you want a chainsaw without the restrictions of a cord, a decent battery-powered design may be the solution. But which chainsaw is the right one for you?

We’ll provide you with a glimpse of the best battery powered chainsaw options available in the market. And we’re going to help you evaluate their different features to make the best choice.


Greenworks say that their battery-powered chainsaw is comparable to gas-powered alternatives. It’s a big claim which may need scrutiny. A 40V lithium-ion battery fuels the engine here. Key features include:

  • Power: 40V Weight
  • 6.9lbs Runtime: 45 min (longest)
  • Bar 16 inch (longest) 

You can buy the tool and the battery together and if you already have the compatible battery, buy the tool alone. It has brushless motors that help reduce friction while cutting as compared to traditional motors using carbon brushes. All that means that you will get 80% longer life from your battery and 30% more torque, that’s when compared to motors having brushes. The battery life is quite useful as it holds the charge well between uses.

You’ll find that brushless design will give lower vibration too up to 70% lower than a gas-powered chainsaw. And since it is electric, you won’t have to worry about refilling gas or deal with the bad odor of fumes. There are no annoying chords, just press a button and you are ready to go.

There’s an issue with the bar oil leaking in this design but that could be managed by carefully finding oil escapes and there are some complaints regarding bar coming off which can be solved by tightening it up before. Greenworks 20312 is an overall great choice when it comes to buy and rely on a long-lasting battery-powered chainsaw.


·The brushless engine produces more torque and is longer lasting.

  • ·Quiet and comfortable to use.
  • ·16-inch bar handling bigger tasks effectively.


If you are in the market looking for the shorter bar then model DCCS620P1 is the right answer for you. The 12-inch Oregan bar and chain makes it a compact tool and best for lighter sawing applications. Like the Greenworks model, this uses a brushless motor for effective operation. It will give you maximum runtime for your battery and extend the life of the motor.

Key features are Power: 20V Weight: 8.8lbs Runtime: 30 minutes Bar: 12 inch

A single charge of its battery lasts approximately 45 minutes. That’s enough for standard garden clean-ups. If you want you can upgrade to 60V battery. That will enable you to cut far longer. It runs nicely and quietly. Unlike the Greenworks saw, it is light enough to be used single-handedly. It weighs just less than nine pounds. This makes it too easy to use as compared to a gas-powered chainsaw.

There’s minimal maintenance required for the device. One of its drawbacks is again the leaking of bar oil. It will leak once you leave it in storage which the company doesn’t recommend doing. Storing the saw on the side, with the tension knob on top, seems to help.


  • ·Lightweight and comfortable to use.
  • ·Enough strength for handling branches between 5 and 6 inches.
  • ·Tool-free adjustment of the chain tension.  


One of the best battery powered chainsaw choices when it comes to buying chainsaw with a shorter bar is this Greenworks 20362. It has a great option to trim shorter branches. 

Key features are Power: 24V Weight: 7.85lbs Runtime: 45 min Bar: 10 inch

The battery is 24V lithium-ion and Amp-hours. Battery life will make 35 cuts to a piece of 4 by 4 on a single charge. That’s approximately half an hour to an hour of yard work. You can extend that time by buying 4 amp hour batteries which are costly, making it double the price of a common economical chainsaw.

The motor is the traditional type using brushes. It’s built to last, however. A 4-year warranty comes with the chainsaw and a two-year guarantee is given for the battery. The bar and chain here are just 10 inch which makes it nice and compact. It weighs just less than 8 pounds that makes it convenient to use for gardeners.

As with other chainsaws on the list, leaking oil is a problem. The safest option would be to clear the oil tank prior to storage. Overall it’s a good economical option for lighter usage.


·Low priced chainsaw for a lighter application.

  • ·A lightweight design.
  • ·Maneuvering is easy because of the short blade. 


This design offers a longer battery life with a 12-inch bar. The bar is designed to give smooth cuts and is safe and easy to operate. 

Key features are Power: 40V Weight: 10.4 lbs Runtime: 45 min Bar: 12 inch

The 40V battery will give almost twice as many cuts as the Greenworks 20632.

A single charge will deliver 60 cuts through a piece of 4 by 4. There’s also a handy battery indicator showing when you need to recharge. It will take around 4 to 5 hours to fully charge the drained battery.

There’s an automatic oiling system to keep the bar and chain lubricated during the use. Oil leakage during storage is the same issue as in other chain saws. It weighs around 10.4 pounds which makes it a little heavier. But it does have a wrap-around handle that helps distribute the weight evenly.


  • ·Comfortably cuts up to 8 inch thick branches.
  • ·Automatic oiling.
  • ·Handy gauge will mean you are not caught out by a drained battery.


 If you have enough cash, then it’s a good choice to invest. Makita comes with four batteries and it uses two 18V batteries at a time. These batteries are lithium-ion and they charge fast. Within 45 minutes they get fully charged. So if you don’t want to wait longer for the batteries to be charged, then it’s a great choice.

Key features are Power: 36V Weight: 11.5 lbs Runtime 4-15 min Bar: 14 inch

The motor here is brushless, providing high power smooth operation. It’s also noiseless. It hit about 100 decibels when in use.

The performance is quite impressive. It can easily slice up tree trunks and thick branches. It is a little slower as compare to gas-powered saw when there’s a sturdy growth.


  • ·Variable speed brushless motor 
  • ·Batteries recharge in a flash
  • ·No tools required to adjust the chain friction


 It’s a magnificent model with a super effective 16-inch bar. If you are looking for a chainsaw to handle tough cutting challenges, this is the design for you.

Key features are Power: 60V Weight: 12.2 lbs Runtime: 15 min Bar: 16 inch

The 60V battery will give you 70 cuts on a single charge. It cuts 6 by 6 piece of heat-treated pine. An automated oiling option keeps the chain lubricated when you cut it. The screw cap opens with a quarter turn for oiling. This makes it a thirsty machine. But it has a plus point, unlike other models that it doesn’t leak oil during storage.

It weighs a little high with 12.2 pounds but weight is equally balanced so it’s fairly easy to use. And the chainsaw is compatible with one up to 18 inches if you want an even larger bar. This best battery powered chainsaw comes with a three-year warranty. You’ll also get a charger, a hard bar cover, and a battery,  in the package.


  • ·Powerful machine with a 16-inch bar, great for tougher cutting challenges.
  • ·Decent battery life.
  • ·Minimal issues with oil leaks during storage.


This is one of the powerful chainsaw offering a longer bar and proves to be a real workhorse.  

Key features are Power: 40V Weight: 12 lbs Runtime 30 min Bar: 16 inch

It comes with a 4 Amp-hour battery combined with a brushless motor for maximum torque and longer life. There’s automatic oiling of the guide bar and chain, which keeps the blade in good condition.

There’s a chain brake for safety purposes. You’ll get a battery, a sheath, a charger, and a two-year warranty. It is lighter than the above chainsaws as it only weighs 12 pounds on the nose. Also, it’s powerful enough to cut tree trunks up to 14 inches in die. Its battery life is comparatively low so you will need an extra battery if you are planning to work for hours at a time. Oil leak like other chainsaw is an issue here too which could be managed.


  • · Powerful brushless motor.
  • The ·16-inch bar for heavy cutting.
  • ·Tool-free chain tension adjustment and bar replacement.

Hope you liked this best battery powered chainsaw’s buying guide and can now make the perfect choice according to your preferences when buying one for yourself. Keep reading our informative buying guides along with detailed product specs to get the best products without a doubt.